Under Her Skin

She knows he won’t understand

He isn’t ready to know anyway

Tho, She is angry like an impatient toddler, She is wiser

Disarmingly, burning with intensity

Her heart races on auto pilot

As Shes loses control

The madness is euphoric

Her soul knows

And responds

In ways unexplainable

To anyone else

That which she desires Is greater than any physical need

She may be waiting forever

But her heart has been his to do with as he will.

It is so much more than animalistic urges

It feels so right that at times

He leaves her mentally sated

She knows what it feels like to have him under her skin

Her Obsession; Her drug

What She craves, She must obtain.

Some nights drain her

Others, evoke recollection to commit to patience.

Trusting it will be worth it when She climbs up and over what She once thought She had to break in order to silence what haunts him

Faith in what is.

And what will be in their story together

Where on lonely nights the last wish to

cross her lips before She sleeps

Each night

.. is to have his heart fully.


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