The Pink Truck





The Pink Truck

This truck looks like it has many stories to tell

I fell for it the moment I saw it

But it’s Not For Sale

She hardly seems lonely

Sitting out on that country road

Visitors must stop by daily

And admire that

Little Pink Truck

On Rebecca Creek Road

(c)07-2013 Becky~Lynne



To My Children

I love you more than you will ever know.

These things that weigh heavy on your heart

How can I take the burdens away

When you would fall down and cry

I would pick you up

But you are not little anymore

Your mind is becoming your own

You are beginning to find yourselves

Letting you grow is so hard to do

Please let me pick you up right now

Let me hold you

You are still my babies

And your hurt is my hurt

Your pain is my pain

Please trust me to be there when you fall.

©2010 T.I.E.